Gridley Girls by First, Meredith

Meredith First

Gridley Girls

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Sometimes you have to go back before you can move forward. Meg Monahan was born to be a secret keeper. From the moment she became...
Sometimes you have to go back before you can move forward. Meg Monahan was born to be a secret keeper. From the moment she became a peer counselor in high school, Meg has been keeping her friends secrets - from sordid family drama to their sex lives - that she never wanted to know. Flash forward to adulthood when Meg is a recruiter for the world's hippest (and most paranoid) high-tech company - and now Meg is a professional secret keeper. When sudden tragedy strikes before Meg hosts the wedding of her childhood BFF, Anne Calzaretta, the women are forced to face their past - and their secrets - in order to move on to their future. In 1978, Meg, Anne, Jennifer, and Tonya were such close friends, they were known as "The Group" in their hometown of Gridley, California. But in ninth grade, their lives were changed forever. Loss, lies, and secrets separated them, but could not break their bonds of friendship. Thirty years later, Meg and Anne reminisce about those days--dealing with parents, school, boys, sex, love, and betrayal. Anne remembers their freshman year as an easier time, but Meg, still feeling guilty about a betrayal of Anne's trust, is haunted. Even now, Meg is keeping a secret she's not prepared to face, let alone share. In her debut novel, based on true events, Meredith First tells a timeless story about the bonds of friendship, loss, and betrayal--and the forgiveness that is within everyone. Can anyone really keep a secret forever?

Meredith First left an insanely great recruiting career with Apple, Inc. to write books for anyone who survived high school with a little help from friends. After studying abroad at the University of London, she received a BA in communications/broadcasting from Oregon State University. Through the donation of 10 percent of the profits of the Gridley Girls series to children's charities, she hopes to help people who struggle with issues similar to those experienced in her books. First lives with her family in Minneapolis and Sacramento, and is hard at work on Gridley Girls Reunited, the second of the Gridley Girls series.

Publication Date
June 21, 2016