Who Are We?

Sapphic Society was built by women who love women in an effort to share wonderfully diverse LGBTQIA+ perspectives through story. Sapphic Society was founded in Florida at a time when it is illegal to teach school children that queer people exist, and where LGBTQIA+ books are systematically being banned from public libraries across the state. Unfortunately, this is not a Florida phenomenon, and these kind of laws are sweeping across multiple states throughout the U.S. We believe that representation matters, and that no LGBTQIA+ person should feel as though they are abnormal or they deserve to be shunned simply because of who they love. Sapphic Society exists to create an inclusive community for queer women and nonbinary people. We seek to educate the public on LGBTQIA+ topics and give those within the community, as well as our allies, the opportunity to escape into worlds where LGBTQIA+ perspectives are front and center. We are lovers of culture, the arts, books, and love itself. So please, stick around, make yourself comfortable, and feel like family here. Welcome to the Society! 😊🥂 

Stay beautiful. Stay kind. Stay one hundred percent YOU!


For additional information, check out our FAQs page!